Using Reference To Draw

In this video, I explain my approach to using photo reference when drawing comic book art.

Ahh, photo reference for drawing. Some of us use it some of the time, others use it all the time, some don’t use it at all. What I’m talking about are the tools artists use to aid them in drawing. This reference can be in the form of photos, models, figurines, 3-D modeling software and so on. This is a personal choice an artist makes, but ultimately these forms of reference should help to make our art better. Continue reading “Using Reference To Draw”

Ulik Inking Video

Here is the time-lapsed video of me inking my “Ulik & Destroyer” drawing.

The only bummer here was my camera stopped recording as I was drawing in certain details in the body, arms and head/face. My camera has a max recording time of 20 minutes when the battery is full and there is enough space on the memory card. I determined it was due to the battery dying out. I know it did not time-out because I was using my watch to time myself. I figured out it was the battery. I do have a second battery that I use to swap out immediately should the first one go out. Then, I place the dead battery in its charging cradle and plug it into the wall to charge up. Normally I hear when the camera stops or shuts down. It makes a click or whir sound. But this time around I was listening to a video on Youtube in the background as I drew. The volume of the video must have been too high for me to hear the camera going out on me.

Next time I make one of these videos, I’ll need to make sure my camera is at full strength. Or, at least the remaining battery life will last the 20 minutes. Till the next drawing or video (or both), keep drawing out loud!

Ulik and the Destroyer

Ulik and the Destroyer, pencils and inks by yours truly.

Ulik and the Destroyer comic art by Rene Arreola
Ulik the troll vs. the Destroyer?

Referencing Ulik from an old copy of The Mighty Thor (issue #279), I was inspired to do an illustration with the mighty orange troll. For kicks, I threw in the Destroyer. Both are Marvel Comics characters. I also did a time lapse speed inking video. It will be up shortly here on my blog.

Ulik and Destroyer pencil artwork by Rene Arreola

Tools Of The Trade

Tools of the trade by Rene Arreola
Brushes, pencils and pens–oh my!

Artists are sometimes interested in what other artists use to make their art. Here is a rundown of the basic pens and pencils I use to create most of my comic book art.

Inking is my favorite part of drawing comic book illustrations so I’ll start there. These days, the bulk of my ink work is done with the German based Faber-Castell PITT Artist Pens. For my black linework, I use their black ink which they label as Black 199. I like these pens for the simple fact that I don’t have to keep dipping into an inkwell to use them. Continue reading “Tools Of The Trade”

Inking Black Bolt Speed Sketch Video

Here is the video of the inking of the Black Bolt sketch “Raising Attilan”.

This is the completed ink drawing from the previous video of myself sketching Black Bolt in this pin up. I enjoy sketching, but inking is what I really like doing even more. Don’t get me wrong, both are what I consider ‘drawing’, but the process of using ink reminds me in a way of painting.

Continue reading “Inking Black Bolt Speed Sketch Video”