Star: Winston

A new character sketch for my Star webcomic. His name is Winston.

Star: Winston comic book character by Rene Arreola

Meet Winston, a character I conceived and sketched up while on a vacation flight to Oahu. Using the Bamboo app on my iPad, I was able to create this new character. This is still a concept and his look may change once he actually debuts in my online comic at Star is a sci-fi, space fantasy fiction story I am currently writing and drawing. Check it out and also be sure to check out this blog from time to time as I debut character sketches right here!

Star: Quinn, Laserbow Hunter

Introducing “Quinn: Laserbow Hunter”. He’s the newest addition to my webcomic “Star.”

Star: Quinn, Laserbow Hunter by Rene Arreola

If you haven’t checked out my new webcomic Star, please go to As I like to describe it, it is a space science fantasy epic. With an ensemble cast that literally keeps growing as I continue to make “Star” sketches, this endeavor will hopefully prove to be one to keep readers interested in the diversity of characters, supporting characters and different worlds to come in this, my “Star” universe.

This newest character is named Quinn. He wields what I call a Laserbow. Stick around to see how this weapon is used and how Quinn develops as a character.