A Star is Launched

This makes it official, “Star” web comic by your truly launches, this time for real!

Star logo design by Rene Arreola

Yes, it’s true. I’ve designed the official logo for my new web comic which just launched under this website a few weeks ago. Can you guess what the name is? Well, it’s called “Star”, of course! I’ve been working on these “Star” themed sketches on and off over the last year. I even created a few ‘test’ pages which I ultimately self-rejected. Having given myself a little more time to work on the art and a some story lines, I’ve made the push for a new web comic series I am writing and illustrating.

Star logo design concept sketch by Rene Arreola

This new series will be a sci-fi, space adventure fantasy using the characters featured throughout my blog. I’m setting up the series on it’s own domain name. Here is the URL: www.starcomic.net . Check it out. It’s definitely formatted for a desktop-tablet-mobile audience. Oh, and for the first time, my entire website is now responsive. So, it should be a lot easier to navigate my website.

I’m looking forward to jumping in on a new cast of characters and worlds to be revealed in “Star”. Stick around, or at least come back often!