The Man Called Nova

Nova character sketch by Rene Arreola

From an issue of “The Man Called Nova”, published by Marvel Comics back in 1976:

“When Richard Rider, teenage, was blasted by a lightbolt from beyond the stars, he suddenly found himself transformed into one of the most powerful men on Earth. Invulnerable, able to fly at Nova-Speed, stronger than any ten men, the young High School student donned the costume of his Alien benefactor to become a Champion of Justice!”

Hokey stuff, for sure. But, that’s why I love this stuff and that’s what makes it cool. I took inspiration for this marker sketch from an old, beat up copy of Nova #7. I based the figure sketch of Nova on the upper left, rectangle box art on the comic book cover that shows the main character. I really enjoy the Marvel Cosmic characters and stories and this sketch was fun to illustrate.