Back in the day, I first discovered Marvel Comics’ Captain Marvel when the character was male and was an alien species known as the Kree. His name was actually “Mar-Vell”. I found out about the character when I went into a comic book shop for the very first time sometime in 1987 and saw the “Death of Captain Marvel” graphic novel! Imagine that, I find this really cool comic book character just as the company was basically axing him. Fast forward to today and we have the current embodiment of Captain Marvel. I have not yet read this particular comic book series, but I’m planning on downloading the first issue on my iPad so I can check it out.

As for the sketch itself, this one is a little larger than normal. Done on Strathmore Mixed Media 400 Series paper, 11″ x 14″.

Captain Marvel 2015 sketch by Rene Arreola

Something Strange…

Doctor Strange, Dr. Stephen Strange to be precise. He is the Sorcerer Supreme and Master of the Mystic Arts. One of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe. And I just completed my first ever sketch of him…cool. Another one of my quick sketches, utilizing my commemorative Highlander the Series ballpoint, black ink pen. As usual, no preliminary pencil sketching, just straight to pen on paper. I added some Copic marker gray tones to add tonal value to the sketch. It looks a little wonky in areas, but it’s a sketch, it’s kind of supposed to.

Dr. Strange sketch by Rene Arreola