“If He Be Worthy…”

I Googled an image of Odin and Thor and found one I liked to do a quick sketch of. Although this one wasn’t so quick, I still used my black ballpoint pen, along with a little black Artist’s PITT marker for some shadows. As I’ve mentioned before, Thor is my favorite Marvel character. I just so happened to be in the mood to draw something based on the Marvel cinematic universe and the rest is history. Be sure to click the image of Odin above to see the full sketch.

Thor and Odin - Illustration by Rene Arreola

Quick Sketch: Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock

A sci-fi icon, Leonard Nimoy, passed on February 27, 2015. As an actor, he was most known for his role as Spock, starring in the popular television series from the 1960s “Star Trek”. From there of course he was featured on many movies and other related Star Trek television series right on up through 2013. Fans of science fiction and comic books will always remember who this pointy eared, logical alien Starfleet officer was, thanks to the great portrayal of Leonard Nimoy. May his memory live long and prosper.

Leonard Nimoy as Spock