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When I was a kid I liked reading superhero comic books…

Comic book artist Rene Arreola

And that's really how this all started for me. I was inspired from the very first comic book I got my hands on back in 1983. That happened to be Fantastic Four #252, what I like to call the sideways issue (because it was drawn sideways.) I soon learned that not all comic books were drawn sideways but that was alright because I soon discovered other comic books like X-Men, Spider-Man, Superman, Hulk and on and on.


Forward to just 10 years later in 1993, I was fully self-actualized in that I knew no matter what, I wanted to draw comic books. I wanted to be telling stories by making drawings in comic book format. And I have. I have comic books I drew, colored, lettered and even stapled together. I have them stashed somewhere, hidden safely from the light of day. At first, these were done on either binder paper or typing paper. But as I became more sophisticated, I graduated to fully sized, 11" x 17" drawing paper. Because, you know, I wanted to work exactly the way the pro's did. To say that I have always had a passion for this, even before I knew what "passion" was, is an understatement. I just kept buying and reading comic books voraciously and kept on drawing and making my own comic books trying to keep up with my buying and reading habits.


And so it continues today in 2017. Just like when I first picked up a pencil and started imagining what my own comic books could be in 1983, these days I still approach every project I draw with a sense of excitement and "what if?" enthusiasm. I enjoy plotting out my stories, drawing sketches and laboring over a piece of pre-ruled Strathmore sequential art drawing board. I really like inking my artwork and like it even more when I use paper and traditional brushes and pens. I'm no hermit, though. I've embraced the digital age as I also enjoy cleaning up my art and coloring it on my iMac using a Wacom stylus. I also have an iPad which I occasionally draw with.


But in the end, it's all about crafting stories using a beautiful marriage of words, drawings and vibrant colors known as comic books. I'm skilled enough in painting and drawing purely illustration work, but I always, always keep coming back to comic books. I still read comic books today, both new and old. I have a fondness for older, vintage comic books. While I always enjoy reading new, contemporary comic books being published today, I gather a lot of inspiration from older Marvel and DC comic books from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. I love those old newsprint comic books.


So if you're just discovering my  website, you'll find I'm just basically a guy who grew up in the 80's as a pre-to-early-teen comic book fan consuming GI Joe, He-Man and Transformers cartoons alongside superhero comic books. After that phase, I "grew up" knowing everything I needed to know about comic books by being there first hand when Image Comics exploded onto the scene in the early 90s. And here I am today revisiting Williamson, Buscema, and Kirby realizing there is so much more to learn, respect and be thankful for as a comic book artist.


I am here simply and humbly creating my own universes, worlds, heroes, and villains. I do so following as best I can in the footsteps of those aforementioned artists while trying to make my own mark. And numerous other comic book artists and writers to who I owe my passion to. So why do I still do this today? Because, even though I'm all grown up now, I still really like reading superhero comic books. And also because I like drawing and telling stories.

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Rene Arreola - Comic Book Artist
Rene Arreola Art - Comic Art Commissions and Comic Book Artist
Rene Arreola - Comic Book Artist
Comic book artist Rene Arreola